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Tip for Using an Outline When Writing Fiction and Non-fiction Books


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Should both fiction and non-fiction books start off with and outline?


A recent article about the importance of writing a book outline doesnít just apply to fiction writers. The same information also applies to up-and-coming authors who plan to write a non-fiction book. Believe me, organization can be a big factor in how quickly you finish your manuscript, or if you finish it at all.


A good idea is to type, then print out, a copy of your outline. You can even write it out neatly on paper with a pen or pencil. Getting the hands on contact with a paper version of your outline can have a more positive mental effect on your writing. More so than simply creating a computer document of the outline, where itís probably somewhere out of sight.


Having a printed copy of your outline may just end up providing you with the motivation you need, to keep on writing your book.




      Make sure that the entries listed on your outline are numbered.


      Whenever you jot down notes, get in the habit of including the section of your outline that the note pertains to.


      Modify your outline as needed, but allow it to help keep you on a logical path, and able to connect all the dots.




Your story, whatever it is, is just waiting to be told!




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