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Fiction or Non-fiction, Decide What to Write!


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Have you already made a definite decision about what kind of book you want to write?


The first thing you need to recognize is that deciding what to write about means more than just having a vague idea about a topic.

You also have to consider things such as do you want to write a book of fiction or non-fiction?

YOU MUST UNDERSTAND: There will be a different amount of research, effort and creativity that has to go into a novel about child abuse, as opposed to the amount that would go into a non-fiction book on the same subject.

So as you might imagine, when it comes to deciding what to write your book about, there will need to be some serious thought pertaining to how you plan to approach your topic and subject matter.



“Just because you have a good idea for a topic, doesn’t mean you have what it takes (internally) to cover the subject.


Try to think it all the way through, and determine if you’ll be comfortable dissecting certain topics and writing about them, whether you write fiction or non-fiction.

Depending on whichever way you’re leaning, you might need to read some related information that can help you in your decision.


Writing fiction OR Writing non-fiction


There are tons of other activities that could help you write your book in such a way, that it may benefit you whenever it’s published.

This includes doing things like getting familiar with existing books that are similar to yours.

Also, observing the titles, book covers, book descriptions, and even the websites of best-selling authors who write in your particular category.

Along those same lines, have a good understanding about who you’ll be writing for. What age range? What niche, or targeted group?

If you have all this in mind while you’re actually doing the writing, it will definitely help you with the book-marketing later on [Trust me – I learned this the hard way]!

How ever you decide to arm yourself with information, just do it! Figure out for certain what you’ll write your book about, and get to it.




Your story, whatever it is, is just waiting to be told!




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