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Commit to Writing Your Book with A Definite Plan of Action


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Do You Spend Time to Think?


Do you have a book writing plan of action, to help you stay committed to your goal?


One of the best ways to show commitment to writing your book, is to work out some type of Plan of Action. This is what is going to help you stay focused, and committed to the goal at hand, even when things are chaotic around you.

Itís not good enough to simply know in your mind what your writing plans are. A true plan requires sitting down, and writing a detailed outline of your To Do List for the book you plan to write.

Make sure your list contains everything Ė big and small Ė that you have to do, in order to get your book written.

      Donít just include the obvious things like creating a writing schedule and sticking to it, or setting up a writing routine and producing a set amount of pages.


      Factor in things like motivation and your state-of-mind into the equation, because your commitment to writing your book wonít be successful if you fail in these areas.


      Add motivational activities to your To Do List, and if necessary, surround yourself with motivational items and gear, to help you consciously stay motivated.


      Watch Youtube videos, listen to audiobooks, or read motivational material (publishing and non-publishing related), as additional ways to stay motivated.




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All during your book writing journey, youíll be updating, and modifying the To Do List that you create. Donít fret about making changes to your plan of action along the way. Just keep doing it. These edits and updates are an indication that you are actually getting something done.




Your story, whatever it is, is just waiting to be told!




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