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Bloggers, Freelancers and Other Online Writers: Your Time to Shine is Now


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You can start writing your first book today and share your thoughts about world affairs.


Every writer has probably confronted the question of: “If I don’t write my book now, then when?” I know I did many years ago, prior to writing and self publishing my first ebook.


Now, I’ve written and self-published a number of titles, and it’s all because of that first one. This period we’re living in right now may just be your time to shine, by becoming a first-time author.


Time to Become an Author


More than likely, if you’re a blogger, a freelance ghost writer, article writer, or some other online writer, you’ve thought about writing a book someday.


Whether you’ve been procrastinating, or hesitating, either way, now is the time to finally take that first step.


No journey in life ever begins without it, and if you’re serious about becoming an author, you won’t find a better time.


Don’t Worry About Perfection


There are tons of crazy reasons why writers put off the challenge of writing their first book. Sometimes it’s a matter of the fear of not being qualified.


“What if your first book is not perfect?” So what? At least now you have a chance as an author, because you have a finished product to work with.


But if you never get it written until everything is perfect, you probably won’t complete it, which means you have no chance at all as an author.


Every seasoned author has already learned, if you ever want to write your first book, you have to be willing to take a chance at failing.




“Success is going from failure to failure,

without losing your enthusiasm.”


Winston Churchill




You may have noticed the mention of the book: Courage To Write on the home page of, and also the related videos.


Do yourself a favor and read that book, and you’ll think the author had a tape recorder in your brain, and recorded your thoughts!


You won’t believe how many of your crazy feelings and insecurities about writing your first book are common to all writers of all levels.





Your story, whatever it is, is just waiting to be told!




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