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Write Your Book While You Have All This Time on Your Hands





Take advantage of book writing tips that can help you start and finish writing your first book.


Write your book now, while you still have all this time on your hands. That would be my expert advice to anyone who has ever wanted to write a book.

I successfully completed the annual 30-day (NANO) book writing challenge, two years in a row. This resulted in two novels, currently available on Amazon.

Iím still an undiscovered author by most standards, but at least Iím published (multiple times over) and I feel proud each time I conquer another writing milestone.

Like me, maybe you hope to one day be a New York Times Best-Selling Author, but that will never happen if you never even complete a manuscript.

The tips I provide in this article and everywhere else on really work. If you let them, they can help you accomplish the difficult, but attainable goal of successfully writing a book.


Time No Longer an Issue

This year, I wonít wait all the way until November to write another novel. Iíve already started laying the preliminary ground work, like creating an outline, since II have so much extra time available. Time is usually an issue with most people. Speaking from experience, finding the time to sit down and write your book is not always an easy task.

Some would-be writers have fulltime jobs, fulltime families, and fulltime obligations that demand their attention.

In the past, you may not have had the time to write, but what about now? Can you honestly say you donít have time, with so much of the world just staying at home?

More than likely, time is no longer a good excuse for not writing your book, so stop blaming time and get ready to start writing.

Regardless of the difficulty, Iíve found that the only way to get it done is to just do it.

There is a ton of information online. You can find every possible thing you need to know about how to get your book written, published, and put on sell. I even wrote one myself.

The 3 tips you find below, will help you start writing the book you want to write, by preparing you for what you have in store.


Write Your Book Now

Anyone whoís ever thought about writing a book (which is most of the worldís population), knows now is a good time to do it. What could be a better time?

The entire world is continuing to struggle through a global pandemic, and at the same time, establish a new sense of normal. People are afraid, and rightly so.

Since writing is an easy go-to activity to express ourselves, more and more people are writing. So now, we have a combination of fear, coupled with peopleís desire to write.

Thatís a perfect recipe for a lot of future best-sellers. The author who wrote ďThe Courage to WriteĒ had this to say on the subject:


ďFear is where good writing begins.Ē


This should be good news to those of you who have been afraid to actually sit down and start writing. This helps you see that youíre not alone in your fears, but also it encourages you to start writing anyway.


Best Book Writing Tips

The book writing tips you find on this website offer some of the best advice you can find on the topic. The tips point you in the right direction on where you can get additional, more detailed advice. They provide some important guideposts to help you along the way.

Before you dive in and try to start making sense of the deluge of information thatís available online, get familiar with the tips and advice on this site.

By discovering certain things in advance about writing a book, self publishing, and book marketing, you will benefit in the long run.

Youíll already be familiar with various activities, strategies, and resources, and everything else related to the book writing process. Whether you take advantage of the titles Iíve included, or you find your own, make sure to do your homework, and learn what you can.

It will make you be a better writer, and also help you understand the online book writing and publishing industry.


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