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What Self Publishing Options Does KDP Offer New Authors?






You can self publish a short story to sell, instead of a lengthy novel.

Amazon’s KDP program provides different self publishing options for new authors in 2020. Make sure you understand the alternatives to writing a lengthy novel or work of non-fiction. For instance, publishing short stories are also an available option.

Amazon Options

Certain short stories published on Amazon are known as “short reads” and they range in length, between 2750 to 25,000 words. This is far less than the average word length of a typical novel, which is 50,000 words or more.

So how is a writer supposed to decide if they should start by self publishing a short story on Amazon, or if they should automatically try to self publish a full length novel? This article will inform you on some details to help you make the right decision.

According to one review journal’s article When Is a Short Story Too Long, a short story can range anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 words.

This had reference more so to traditional publishing, however, nowadays, regardless of how it’s published, writing and publishing short stories have become sensible alternatives to laboring for months (and even years) on one novel.


Novels Versus Short Stories

When it comes to self publishing novels versus short stories, not every expert agrees about the benefits of publishing a short story, instead of a full length novel. For instance, under the heading

How long should a Kindle book be,” TCK Publishing states: “In my experience, individual short stories don't tend to sell well on Kindle compared to novels.”

That may sound well and good, if you’re a writer and the proud parent of a newly completed manuscript that actually surpasses the 50,000-word count. But what if your book manuscript just fell short of 50,000 words or only made it to the halfway point?

Could you and should you choose to self publish a short story, novelette or novella instead? Personally, I say yes, hell yes!


How Long is a Short Novel?

Any author, new or existing, can tell you that sometimes it’s hard to pump the brakes on your writing, and finally type the words the end. Stories should end when they end, and not because of a set word count.

So what happens if you make it to the end of your work of fiction, and it doesn’t meet the standard word count for a novel, but you feel it’s longer than a short story?

You can choose to self publish it on Amazon as a sort of short novel. This is typically referred to as a novelette, which is usually 7500 to 17000 words.

You also have the option of self publishing it as a novella, if it exceeds the maximum amount for a novelette, but still doesn’t meet the word-count criterial for a full length novel.


Self Publishing Quality

In the world of self publishing, it is not quantity that matters most, it is quality (just like anything else in life). You’re wrong if you think that publishing a short story, novelette or novella, is not as fulfilling as self publishing a full length novel.

New fantasy author Beka R. March can attest to the fact that if you produce a work of quality fiction, you will feel just as satisfied as an author, no matter the length.

This debut fantasy author initially planned to write an entire novel during the 2019 National Novel Writing Month, however, the end result was a novella instead.


Unlike some writers who get discouraged by missed deadlines and unrealistic goals, Beka chose another alternative.

The decision to self publish "Tell Us the Mermaid Story" as a shorter novel turned out just fine. Instead of procrastinating and therefore, never completing the manuscript at all, the novella has already been self published and is currently available for purchase on Amazon. 


Tell Us the Mermaid Story by [Beka R. March]


So if you’ve been wrestling with the question of how long is a short story, or how long should your novel be when you self publish on Amazon, my advice is not to worry about it.

Write something from beginning to end, that you’re pleased and proud to publish.

Then, when the work is done, you can determine whether it should be a novel, a novelette, a novella, or a short story like the Amazon short reads.



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