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What Book Writing Tip Will Help Renew Your Motivation to Write?



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Discover what your writing triggers are and allow them to push your buttons.


Book writing tips are given out in abundance, when a new writer is asking for advice. But what tip will help renew your motivation to write, when you find yourself running out of steam? The answer is in you, and discovering what your writing triggers are.


I recently posted what I feel is the very best book writing tip I could ever give to a new writer, and aspiring author. I suggested that aspiring authors should “find your writing triggers, and once you discover what they are, always allow them to push your buttons.”


I’m writing this article so I can elaborate on that important point, because I don’t want new writers to overlook it, or take it for granted. If you don’t already understand exactly what I mean, you will by the time you’re done reading.


Triggers and Button Pushers


We’ve all heard the word “trigger” used in connection with the expression about someone “pushing your buttons” and being able to cause some type of automatic response within a person. Whether that response is positive or negative is not the issue, my point is, that the response is automatic. It kicks in before you even realize, and can get a handle on it.  

That’s what happens when someone pushes your buttons, but before that happens, there is usually a trigger; the key thing that sets you off (in whatever direction) about the person. I mention the point, about direction, because sometimes people do happen to push our buttons in a good way.

So if you want to, feel free to think of someone who pushes your button in a good way. That actually works more in harmony with the final point I’ll make at the end, after I show how this all relates to writing your book.

Now, stop for a moment and think about the person (or maybe even a place, a thing, or an activity) that always has a way of pushing your buttons.

Think about the trigger(s) that just fire off right away, when you see, hear, or think about anything related to (your whatever). Think about all the obvious triggers, but then, think about some other possible triggers too, because sometimes, you may not be consciously aware of them.

Allow your mind to connect all the different things that you associate to this person or activity, no matter how illogical the thoughts may seem. If you really want to identify the most effective triggers, don’t try to filter anything your mind may be thinking,

Let the thoughts flow and consider everything you can, that’s a reminder of that person.  You’re probably thinking of songs, smells, images, phrases and expressions, and who knows what else. These are your potential triggers.

Now consider what would happen if you purposely surrounded yourself with all (or as many) of those triggers as possible. The answer is, you wouldn’t ever be able to take your mind off that person. Wouldn’t it be great if that’s how you felt about your writing?


Writing Triggers


Take some time in the near future to sit down and ponder over what triggers stimulate you to really want and need to write your book. What literally compels you to want to get to your computer, or grab a pen, and start writing that book?

Notice I said writing your book. I’m not talking about what merely puts you in some kind of writing mood, but you write any and everything, instead of actually working on the book.

As you can see, this requires some deep thought, so don’t approach this task lightly. Really really think about any and all triggers, because they can and will come in handy.


Use Your Writing Triggers


Another important point, is that you not allow yourself to ignore, or become immune to the power that these triggers have over you. When you hear, see, smell, or think about them, allow them to do their job.

Head to your workspace, or at least pick up a pen and paper, and continue working on your book. This is how you will eventually get it done.

Generally speaking, my personal triggers are music, and watching a really bad movie or television show. Listening to Goaple’s song: “Closer” will always be a kind of writing trigger, because it always motivates me to want to press forward in life.

But now that I play it when I’m not writing, I’ve managed to normalize the song, so it doesn’t stimulate me in the same way.

While it inspires me to get on the computer and do something constructive, I could be working on anything and still feel just as good. But remember, that’s not the mission.

On the other hand, I respond like a trained seal with Wes Montgomery’s “Bumpin On Sunset,” so this is my book writing trigger. It immediately makes go to my writing space, and jump back on my current work-in-progress, aka the book, and that, of course is the goal.


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