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Self Published Authors Can Benefit from Different Types of Amazon Services



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Do you plan to use Amazon services when you finish writing your book?


Since COVID-19, Amazon purchasing is one of the number one ways to order and receive merchandise. But Amazon offers a whole lot more, especially for aspiring authors.

Some new writers may be surprised to know that Amazon offers a lot of services that not only benefit the average consumer, but they have unique tools and services specifically for authors, as well as their potential readers.


Amazonís KDP

Itís no secret that practically everyone uses Amazon these days, for one thing or another. Regular consumers are all too familiar with services like Amazon Prime when they get ready to order something online. Thereís everything from apples to zebras, and everything in between.

If youíre an aspiring author, you may have already been introduced to Amazonís publishing arm known online as Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Any aspiring author can use it to self publish their book. No strings, no commitments, and itís free.

Once a writer finishes their manuscript and chooses to self publish vial KDP, theyíll be confronted with another important decision. Should you sell your book only via Amazon, or should you use multiple online distributors?


KDP Select

As you will discover, the above question will be relevant, if you hope to benefit from some of the other Amazon services for authors, such as KDP Select. KDP Select is a service that is only provided to those KDP authors who opt in to the program.

Some authors donít feel comfortable allowing Amazon 90 days of exclusivity to their book (preventing them from selling it on other platforms during that time). But some feel itís worth it.

Many authors who join KDP Select, appreciate the advantages it provides to their book title. For one thing, it allows your book to be included in their Kindle Unlimited catalogue.


Audible Books

As you probably already know, listening is the new ďreadingĒ when it comes to how people engage with books. Right now, you may be struggling with plots, characters, and getting your book written.

But there will come a time (hopefully sooner than later) that you will have to start thinking about how to get your book out there so people can enjoy it.

That is when this information about audio books will come in handy. So donít forget this advice from BestBookWritingTipswhen youíre ready to self publish your book.

Donít underestimate the value of having your book, whatever itís about, in audio format. In fact, the more formats your book is available in, the better, but particularly audio.

While digital and print formats are still popular, neither of these formats can beat the ease and convenience of just listening. More and more readers are choosing to enjoy their books this way, that is why Amazonís audible books do well in sales.


Kindle Unlimited

No matter how well received audio books are, there are still plenty of digital readers. Lots of book lovers tend to get a Kindle Unlimited membership, besides the popular Audible books.

Typically, on Amazon Prime Day, readers are encouraged to sign up for Kindle Unlimited via some type of trial offer. Itís the perfect opportunity for readers to get a taste of what your book has to offer, while reading it for free.

The cool thing is, as the author, you still earn royalties, based on page reads.Members can keep the service after the trail, and pay only $10 a month.

As you can see, this is a self publishing tip that you canít afford not to take advantage of, when you decide to use Amazonís KDP platform to publish and promote your book.

While you might not need to think about it now, when youíre still writing your manuscript, you should definitely take it under consideration for the future.††



It doesnít matter whether you plan to self-publish using Amazonís KDP services, or whether you hope to get the attention of a traditional book publisher. Having your book available for sale on Amazon is important.

So either way, you can rest assured that Amazon will end up playing a big role in your writing career. Why not get better acquainted with everything they have to offer?

One good way foryou to get familiar with Amazon services, is to follow my affiliate links and check out the Audible Book Offer or the Kindle Unlimited trial offer for yourself. Then youíll know see what all it has to offer your potential readers.



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