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New KDP Authors Can Benefit From Using their Amazon Author Page





Are you a new self published author looking for more ways to promote your book?


If you self-published your book using Amazonís KDP services, you should already know about Author Central and your Amazon Author page. This is an excellent resource that Amazon provides.


Did you know that all authors who use the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform are automatically eligible to receive an Amazon Author page?


In case you are not already familiar with what this feature has to offer, keep reading and youíll discover 3 important ways to benefit from setting up your Amazon Author page. 


Book Promoting & Marketing


Like many of my fellow authors, Iíve self-published more than simply one or two books via Amazonís KDP platform.Iíve published multiple ebook titles on Amazon, including two full length novels that are currently on sale right now.


Though Iíve been self-publishing with KDP for several years, I didnít always take advantage of the Amazon Author page.There was a time when I failed to realize what an excellent marketing opportunity the page offers an author.


Itís only been recently that Iíve given any real thought to how to really utilize my Amazon Author page. 


Not exactly sure where your Amazon Author page can be found?You can get to it by clicking on the link to your author name (located directly under the title of your book) on the Amazon purchase page.


Your page is available to readers who are considering whether they want to buy your book at the time.The information they find on your Amazon Author page could help to convince them to make the purchase, plus introduce them to you as an author.


They get to see all the other titles youíve published (if any), plus read about whatís currently going on with you as an author and writer.

Now that I see the possibilities and smart ways to use this page, I realize what an extremely useful book marketing resource it is for authors who publish via Amazon.  The page doesnít cost you a thing, and it isnít even difficult to create or occasionally update. 


The only catch is that you should take a little time and give a lot of forethought to what details you want displayed on your Amazon Author page.Your page can be a big asset to you as an author, if you determine how to use it correctly and strategically.


KDP Authors Can Join


Setting up and navigating your Amazon Author page is really pretty simple to do.Everything you need to know can be found by logging into your KDP account and going to Author Central.


The Author Central url address is and everything is self-explanatory whey you get there.Once you take a few quick steps to join, youíll be able to change, remove, or add to the information that Amazon displays on your page.††


The available options enable an author to tailor the information that is displayed on their page, so itís up to you to make the best use of this space.Be sure to keep something in mind, before you consider the following three ways that you can benefit from this resource.


You should not merely breeze through the process of filling in your bio information and other related details.Remember that this is your opportunity to potentially talk and share information directly with readers and future fans.


Author Bio


Instead of recycling the same profile details and generic information related to your book(s), take full advantage of your Amazon Author page.Include fresh, interesting and up-to-date facts, comments and details that make readers want to know more.


When you take a quick glance at the various options available on your Amazon Author page, one of the first undeniable assets you notice is the author bio or profile.You can benefit from this section in multiple ways, so donít shrug it off and write a lot of fluff or background chatter about you and your life.


Use this chance to include enticing reasons for readers to check out your books.Be sure to provide links and lead them to other writing activities you currently have going on.Provide as much as you can, in an interesting, entertaining, and concise way as possible.


Invite them to click the ďFollowĒ button on the page so they get notified whenever you have a new release or something new to share.The Bio area of your Author page is also where you can share all your social media links.


Encourage viewers to follow you on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more.Before you know it, you may find yourself getting a lot of new Followers, thanks to your Amazon Author page.


Encourage readers to ďFollowĒ your page, like I encourage you to ďFOLLOW MY PAGE NOWĒ




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