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How Important is an Outline When Writing a Book?





Creating a book outline for your manuscript can save you lots of time and energy.


When the time finally arrives and you decide to sit down and start writing, you should have a definite story idea and plot for your book.The notes youíve managed to compile thus far is just the beginning; there will soon be many more to follow.Eventually, all those notes will need to be woven into your story somewhere.The best way to do this is to use your story outline.


Start with a Workable Outline

For most writers, youíll be starting with a workable outline, but it may only be a tentative one.This is because the structure of your story will sometimes take a different shape than you first imagined.Once you think long and hard about the way characters and events connect together, you may decide to make radical changes.

The new or updated outline should reflect any modifications you have in mind, based on going over your most recent notes and selecting the best ideas.If youíre lucky, this second outline will be the one you continue to use and refer to during the rest of the time you spend writing your book.††

When you feel confident about the story outline youíve created, be sure to type and print it out, or either write it out neatly with a pencil or pen.

Make sure that the entries listed on your outline are numbered. Whenever you make a note about something, no matter where you jot it down, be sure to reference the corresponding number on the outline, that pertains to the note you just wrote.

This is a really good system to get in the habit of using, but you may decide to try a different system later on, once you start building your own outline.Thatís okay too, but this one really works for me and I recommend writerís use it.††


Final Outline Suggestion

I suggested the outline method above for both your workable and final outline because I think itís a highly effective one.Youíll discover that one of the best book writing strategies to implement at the very start, is creating an outline.

Oftentimes, I have some idea about the beginning and ending, even before I start writing. Itís all the stuff in between that can really stump you. When you use an outline to guide you in writing your book, it helps you organize events that occur between the beginning and the end of the story.

Once you get the really big ideas written down, you just insert smaller, but related ideas underneath.

You do this in a way so the major points stand out, yet youíre still reminded of the minor events that take place.If you do this correctly, the events will unfold on your outline in an orderly, chronological way.††



Youíll be able to write your entire story by using your outline as a guide.The ongoing notes and new ideas you come up with will help you fill in the missing holes in the story as you write it.

Simply work your way from the top to the bottom of your outline and check off each section after you complete it.By the time you get to the end of the outline, you should have a finished story for your entire book.




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