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Book Writing Motivation from a Musical Playlist



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How can a music playlist push your buttons and trigger you to write?


Writing a book is an intriguing idea. Before getting serious about it, new writers and aspiring authors tend to toss the idea around in their heads for years. The scariest part can be just telling yourself, or someone else that youíve decided to write a book.

Once you say it out loud, youíre committed to having to do. Damn, now youíre accountable and have to actually write something! Then comes the next scariest part, which is finally sitting down and getting started. In order to do this consistently, you will definitely need some help, so here it is.

The number one TIP:


ďFind your writing triggers, and once you discover what they are, always allow them to push your buttons.Ē


Whatever it is, whoever it is, and why it is that youíre desperate to write your book, zoom in on that, and amplify it. Understand exactly what your motivation is and the driving force behind it. Label these as button pushers, and triggers and learn to use them to your advantage.


Book Writing Playlist


Human nature describes how no matter who or where we are on this planet, we all have things in common. We as humans, respond to stimulus in similar ways; so much so, that our actions can often be predicted.

The psychology of how this all works can be seen in our day-to-day lives. Commercials on television and advertising in general. What about all the bells and whistles of casinos or casino-like video games. And letís not forget about social media influencing. All these things rely on our human behavior, and the fact that certain triggers push our buttons.

As a writer, you can take advantage of this important, scientific fact, and condition yourself every day, to work on writing your book. My best suggestion as a preliminary trigger, is to choose some music that you donít regularly listen, and that allows you to concentrate while listening.

EXAMPLE: I enjoy all kinds of music, including jazz, but I donít regularly listen to jazz. Ever since I selected the Wes Montgomery ďBumping On SunsetĒ tune to start my book writing playlist, I respond to it like Pavlovís dog (remember, the behavioral experiment).

By choosing songs that werenít part of my everyday listening music, I was able to condition myself to respond only one way to the song. Simply sit down and start writing.

You donít want to normalize your new playlist, and listen to it any old time, even though youíre not writing. This list is supposed to be special, and has the sole purpose of triggering you into a book writing session.



Listening to your book writing playlist when youíre not bothering to write is counterproductive. This will result in deactivating your writing trigger.

While music can be an excellent way to trigger your urge to write, there are countless other types of button pushers that can actually keep you super motivated about your writing. Learn to use them to your advantage.


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